Pre-Treat Your New Fabrics! It is very important to treat/wash your new fabrics exactly as you plan to treat/wash them after the the item is made. Even dry cleaning can produce some shrinkage. It's a good idea to test a 4’’ x 4’’ square of your new fabric, if you are at all unsure how it will react to your chosen laundering method. If you always test the same sized square you will be able to check the percentage of shrinkage.
Minimum order on all fabric, except for our quilting cottons, is 1/2 yard. Quilting cottons may be purchased in "fat" quarters with a minimum purchase of 2 fat quarters. Please use the examples below when entering your yardages.

fat quarter = .25
1/2 = .5
1/8= .125
3/8 = .375
5/8 = .625
3/4 = .75
7/8 = .875
1 = 1
1 1/8 = 1.125
1 1/4 = 1.25
1 3/8 = 1.375

Example: 2 and 5/8 yards would be entered as 2.625 under quantity.

To view a full-sized fabric swatch, click on the word "enlarge" or click on the photo. While every effort is made to represent color accurately, every monitor is different and we cannot guarantee the colors you see match the colors of actual fabric. To ensure that you are receiving exactly what you want, send us an email with your contact information to request a free sample!